Chelsea Gold Medal winners for Auatic Plants 2010-2014
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Order from Waterside Nursery to receive ready potted pond plants and waterlilies that can be placed straight into your pond or patio container pond.

Welcome to Waterside Nursery

We have just launched our new mobile responsive website. We hope you find it even better than the previous version and enjoy reading our articles and buying our pond plants on mobiles and tablets now. We apologize for any small gliches and would like you to tell us of anything you find that is not as expected – then we can make it right for you.

Our mail order service (UK only) will dispatch plant orders within a week of ordering on a Monday – Thursday from our growing Nursery in Leicestershire (weather permitting in Winter). Container ponds can take between 1-4 weeks to deliver dependent on the size and finish chosen as some combinations are made to order.

Our aquatic plant range includes pond plants, waterlilies and submerged oxygenating plants as well as moist/bog plants for pond edge areas that arrive to you ready rooted in a basket (if the plant requires one) to be placed immediately into your pond or container pond.

We provide plants for all the depths of water in your pond and you can choose these individually or as a prepared planting scheme to remove your worries about planting a balanced selection. We also provide plants for waterlogged or moist soil surrounding the pond.

Our fibreglass containers are an ideal way to create a water gardening feature for the smallest of garden spaces – a balcony or patio. These will show off the smallest aquatic pond plants in our range including the miniature waterlilies.

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