Adam Frost on Gardeners World - container pond and plants

Adam Frost on Gardeners World - container pond and plants

Adam Frost was on Gardeners World on 27 June 2020 to show how to make a container pond. He collected rainwater and added pond plants for his wildlife.

He selected a strong steel container for his container pond and placed it level on the ground. You could choose our fibreglass container ponds to stand above ground. Or you could use a washing up bowl or half barrel and sink it into the ground.

He added grey bricks to stand the plant baskets on. Each brick platform would place the plant with the correct depth of water over the top of each plants' basket. We supplied all the pond plants he used in 11cm tall baskets. Some of our pond plants are supplied in 9cm baskets and would need higher raising on bricks.

He placed Mentha cervina alba the Spearmint in first followed by Juncus ensifolius sometimes called Flying Hedgehogs because of its seedheads. Then the Ranunculus flammula or Lesser Spearwort with yellow buttercup flowers and a Dwarf waterlily Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red. He raised the waterlily up a little higher than originally planned so that the 2 flowers on the plant were on the water surface and not filling with water.

He had prewashed some cobbles and added these to make a sloping ramp to allow any wildlife to exit.

Finally he added the Ceratophyllum demersum - a British Native oxygenating plant that is delivered as a handful that you drop into the pond and allow to float freely.

We enjoyed seeing our plants with Adam Frost on this Gardeners World programme.