60cm Container pond in Weeping Red planted for a shaded position

We had a call this week from a customer who had been enjoying watching all the young newts that she has in her container pond – we often get asked if frogs and newts will find the water in a container pond and she assured me that hers had no trouble at all after she put some ‘ramping’ of vegetation and twigs around the outside for them. Another method would be to add container pots of plants nearby to act as a ladder or stepping stone system. Good to know.

We know we have had many newts in our miniature waterlily Nursery troughs for years which are 12″ tall so like a container pond but as they have been there so long we could never tell if they stay permanently in the troughs or if they come and go overnight without us seeing them!

Look at our Tips and Advice – Newt page for images of the newts we find in the Nursery at different times of the year.