Elodea crispa - Non Native submerged oxygenating plant

Retailers within the UK are fighting to be able to continue to sell Elodea crispa (Lagarosiphon major) and Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) as we believe these should not be on the new ‘banned’ list as invasive plants in the UK. The list that they are included in is being voted on as a whole and across the whole of the EU, not with each species being considered individually or each country separately.

Elodea crispa is fast growing and can be invasive if allowed to spread to Native waterways. We aim to supply Native oxygenator plants like Hornwort but if Elodea crispa is removed from sale altogether there will be a void in the market for a sufficient supply of Native oxygenators to keep green algae from our ponds.

Water Hyacinth do not survive the Winter in this country and so cannot be invasive longterm and it has recently been removed from the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Schedule 9 by DEFRA.

This EU list is being drawn up for use across all EU countries but Spain and Portugal already have regulations controlling the sale of Water Hyacinth as it could be invasive in their warmer climate.

Water Hyacinth do not survive the Winter in this country but are useful surface cover in the Summer pond and do provide shade and shelter in the early years of a pond when used as an annual plant. This option may soon be removed from us.