minibales of barleystraw

Winter in nearly over (surely) and the weather is now right to add barley straw minibales to the pond to keep it healthy this Spring.

Your pond may start to go green as the weather warms because you did not add the first of this year’s barley straw minibales in time for it to become activated before the surface of the water warms up.

  • Barley straw minibales need a month to activate so put them into the water in February or early March so they are ready by late March/early April.
  • Remove any old minibales from last year and throw on the compost heap
  • Barley straw minibales should not sink to the base of the pond so ours have a small float attached
  • They can be tied near a waterfall or pump outlet so they are constantly being moved around by the water flow
  • They will need changing after 6 months so keep second bale dry if not using both together and add the second in July to activate
  • Remove any used minibales in August

Those with container ponds or small ponds can use Extract of barleystraw.

  • The liquid concentrate works much more immediately and does not need to be added a month in advance.
  • Buy now and start to use the necessary measurement for your pond volume fortnightly from later March.
  • Use the timing of the clocks going back as your reminder to start.

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