Big Spawn Count 2016

Big Spawn Count 2016

As in previous years we support the Big Spawn Count 2016 by Fresh Water Habitats.

We encourage our customers to complete the survey to give more information to work with. The aim is to count the number of  clumps of spawn present as this represents the number of females of spawning age. They are trying to monitor both frog and toad spawn. There are a few other simple questions relating to the size of your pond and your location and the more data they get the more they will learn about trends affecting these amphibians.

Amphibians will return to your pond year on year and if you have a new pond allow them to naturally colonize the new area of water so that disease are not introduced by us humans transporting the wildlife around.

The trigger for the amphibians to make the return journey to the water is temperature related so the South is first to spot this years frogspawn while we are still waiting here in Leicestershire.

In some parts of the country frog spawn has been spotted already. We have found an amazing Live Map feed of recordings of frog spawn in different areas of the country with Nature's Calendar. Use the red slider on the map link and see how far up the country the frogs have been seen spawning. You can also see sightings of newts too if you change maps.

It is reassuring that the frogs are still only spawning in the warmer areas of the country - frogs only mate once per season so if they mate too early and the spawn is caught in a cold, frosty snap and dies then their breeding effort for the year is wasted.

We have seen newts inside the propagating tunnels where it is warmer so activity is beginning this year but no frogs yet and they would normally be ahead of the newts. Maybe these newts have overwintered in the tunnels with us!

To learn more about the lives of the frogs in your pond follow the link to our Tips and Advice page.