Chelsea Gold Medal winners for Aquatic Plants 2011 - 2017
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Waterside Blog

We write our pond blog about once a week with tasks to be done in your pond at that time with tips on how to care for your pond and its plants.

We also try and show you the wildlife you can see in your pond.

Our blog contains all the information and expertise we have accumulated over 20 years in the Nursery.

Abandoned dragonfly casing as adult emerges

Marginal pond plants for dragonflies

Dragonfly and damselfly larvae can be seen climbing out of ponds now. They use the tall upright growing stems of any emergent marginal plants. You can watch this...

More hot weather tips

Great tip for the continuing hot weather. Cut back Iris pond plant foliage to 6" above usual water level once flowered. Tall leaves use up a lot of...

Lythrum salicaria and Bee

Plants for pollinating wildlife

Pollinating wildlife will be attracted by the right planting in or around the pond. Through the season you will have had many British Native pond plants in flower...