bog plants

‘Bog gardens’ could do with a little boost as they return to growth – if you did not mulch well in the Autumn we suggest you do so now with some well rotted compost to give the plants added nutrient for the growth to come this year.

Bog gardens are an additional habitat for your pond wildlife and growing plants around the water area will encourage the wildlife to venture in and out of the water over the coming months as the plant growth will give them protection from birds and other predators.

Waterlogged bog <p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p>or moist <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> planting areas will require different plants to suit the different conditions but should contain both flowering uprights and low growing with leaf spread to give a variety of habitats and protection for the wildlife emergence zone.

Bog garden/moist plants need to be split every two to three years in Spring if the middle of the plant starts to die off – replace the vigorous outer portions in the bog and discard the old centres. See Planting an area for moist or muddy bog plants.