Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Success at Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

We have our 6th Gold Medal.

Great thanks to the whole team that worked together to produce the plants and the exhibit stand for this year.

We have had a different preparation period for Chelsea Flower Show this year.

Mild Winter, lazy start to Spring then just as we were keeping the Show plants hot in the tunnels as they had not been responding we had hail and snow in April followed by a heat wave for one weekend in May.

The Water Iris in particular were very confused as to whether to speed up or slow down their flowering but the waterlilies seemed to take it all in their stride.

The result was a different mix of plants to work with at the Show than previous years. All adds to the interest!

Happily, all went well with the judging and we are now looking forward to showing it off to the public.