Chelsea Flower Show preparations

Chelsea Flower Show preparations

Why oh why does the weather have to be so unpredictable in the month before Chelsea Flower Show? We had Iris pseudacorus, versicolor and sibirica coming into bud a week ago so they have been moved outside as we have limited control of the temperature in the poly tunnels.

They have been placed in the shade tunnel to slow them down and now the forecast says cold next week. Back inside the poly tunnel again or risk it a little longer and then back in the following week? What a quandry.

The waterlilies have loved the warm weather and have good buds on them. The tall foliage plants have grown on well in the recent sun and have good height and the bullrush heads on Typha are about to emerge.

Anemopsis californica and Ranunculus flammula need to stay warm as they are not budding yet.

Fingers crossed and be prepared to move plants this way and that, will be the motto for the next 2 and a half weeks.