Weeping red finish on our fibreglass Container patio pond

Our container pond-in-pot features start to look good now as the waterlilies and plants on the gridded shelf start to burst into life.

If some vigorous rafting plants made a large amount of root growth last year then they should be reduced in size if this was not done in the Autumn. Plants that have grown out of their baskets can be replanted now using fresh aquatic compost and a feed tab and then replaced in the container pond.

Miniature waterlilies will respond well to the addition of a feed tab into their basket of compost as you should not need to repot them. Make sure a container pond with a miniature waterlily is in as much sun as possible.

Remember shaded container ponds will also look interesting with all the foliage interest and different shapes and textures of leaf and seedhead you can use.

Whatever the look of the water in the container do not be tempted to empty it out and refill as the whole process of maturing the water will have to repeat itself – you are better working with the existing water and encouraging the plant growth which will in turn balance and clean the water for you.

Add extract of barleystraw to the water weekly as soon as the sun becomes warmer.  You cannot overdose this as it is an organic treatment not a chemical.

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