Container pond feature

Container pond feature

Add water to your garden using a container pond:

The idea of using a container pond feature for adding water and flowering pond plants is part of the RHS and Wildlife Trusts 'Wild About Ponds' message.

Our lightweight, fibreglass container pond comes with no drainage holes. It is the answer for an instant mini pond in a small garden space. Even on a balcony!

We have 3 different sizes in our simple but effective round bowl shape container pond available - from a diameter of 60cm(24"), 80cm(32") to our largest at 98cm(39").

We can also offer 15 different colour finishes - including 1 matt, textured limestone finish. There must be one to suit your garden or outdoor room colour scheme!

Planting a container pond:

  • Many people want miniature and dwarf waterlilies as flowers in small container ponds.
  • Miniatures include 'Pygmaea Rubra' with pink/red flowers, 'Snow Princess' with white flowers and 'Pygmaea Helvola' with pale yellow flowers. Each plant only covering the area of a side plate with each leaf and flower about 1" (2.5cm) across.
  • Dwarf waterlilies grow larger than the miniature waterlilies and grow from a few inches deeper in the water and include red, white, yellow or sunset varieties too.
  • All waterlilies need sun to flower well and still water which also contains an oxygenating plant.
  • Use the grid provided in our 60 and 80cm container pond kits to plant up with a variety of plants.
  • We provide 5 pre-prepared schemes for each size container pond.
  • Schemes are prepared for both sunny and shaded areas.

Wildlife visitors to a container pond:

To find out how to make a successful container pond feature in your garden:

Visit our 'How to add a container pond to your garden' pages in Tips and Advice or download our ebook 'How to build the perfect container pond' from the footer of our website pages.