Container pond feature

Container pond feature

The idea of using a container pond feature for flowering pond plants is popular in magazines and newspapers again this year.

House and Garden give container ponds a mention in the May 2016 edition with an illustration of a glass reinforced concrete planter that can be used for aquatic plants as long as the planter is given a waterproof coating.

However, glass reinforced concrete will be really heavy to move around the garden and is much more pricey than our lightweight, fibreglass version which comes as a watertight unit with no drainage holes.

We have 3 different sizes in our simple but effective round bowl shape container pond available - from a diameter of 60cm(24"), 80cm(32") to our largest at 98cm(39").

We can also offer 15 different colour finishes - including 1 matt, textured limestone finish. There must be one to suit your garden colour scheme!

Martyn Cox in the Mail on Sunday on 24th April recommended miniature and dwarf waterlilies as a must for flowers in small container ponds including Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Rubra' with red flowers and 'Pygmaea Helvola' with pale yellow flowers. The dwarf waterlilies come from a few inches deeper in the water and include white, pink and red varieties.

To find out how to make a successful container pond feature in your garden and see our selection of preplanned planting schemes please visit our 'How to add a container pond to your garden' pages in Tips and Advice or download our ebook 'How to build the perfect container pond'.