Container pond in fibreglass with a Granite effect finish planted for sun

If you already have  container ponds now is the time to feed your pond plants.

They have been isolated from any nutrient in their more clinical environment so may need added fertilizer to grow well again this year. Either add the liquid Plant food plus which contains Barleystraw extract as well as nutrients or push the cones of Aquavigro Tabs into the individual baskets of compost.

Feed given to healthy plants ready to make use of it will not start to make the water green but encourage them to grow better – waterlilies particularly will flower better if fed now.

A vigorous rafting plant that has made a large amount of root growth last year should be reduced in size if this was not done in the Autumn. The taller emergent plants will take a couple of years growth before they will need dividing.

The water in all container ponds could heat up quicker than in a larger pond as a container pond is not as deep as a large garden pond so we recommend using Extract of Barleystraw fortnightly at least from March onwards to combat the growth of any green algae or blanketweed (weekly application in the hottest weeks of the year). You can not overdose the Extract of Barleystraw as it is an organic product.

Whatever the look of the water in your container do not be tempted to empty it out and refill as the whole process of maturing the water will have to repeat itself – you are better working with the existing water and encouraging the plant growth which will in turn balance and clean the water for you.

If you do not have a pond (or space to create one) your garden could still benefit amphibians and insects if you install a small water feature instead – a sink or plastic bowl sunk half way under ground surrounded by cobbles or logs will allow amphibians to climb in.

Plant with oxygenating plants and a couple of Veronica beccabunga or Myosotis scorpioides.

New container ponds can be planted up now as the plants we send out are growing in their baskets and can be placed into a new container on the patio and will get ready to put on their show of foliage and flower for this season.

An above-ground container pond will attract amphibians but they will need help accessing the water – group other planted containers around the pond-in-a-pot as stepping stones.

Adding a container pond encourages airborne wildlife to your garden – flying insect pollinators like bees, butterflies and hoverflies will delight in the Mentha aquatica, Mentha cervina, Iris versicolor and Lythrum salicaria to mention only  a few. Use our advanced search facility and tick the Perfect for Pollinators choice to see the whole range or read our insect pollinators Tips and Advice page.