Create bog or moist gardens around the pond

Create bog or moist gardens around the pond

Bog or moist gardens could be natural or, like many ponds, could be formed in a specially prepared lined area that is designed to maintain a certain level of dampness in that area of soil.

They can be made wet and waterlogged or moist and damp according to how much drainage you give your prepared area. See our Tips and Advice page: How to create a bog garden for more detail.

Waterlogged bog soil or moist soil planting areas will require different plants to suit the different conditions but should contain both flowering uprights and low growing plants with leaf spread to give a variety of habitats and protection for the wildlife in their emergence zone.

Be careful to choose the right plants for the level of 'wetness of soil' in your prepared area. Moist plants will not survive in waterlogged soil. See Planting an area for moist or muddy bog plants.

Bog gardens are an additional habitat for your pond wildlife and growing plants around the water area will encourage the wildlife to venture in and out of the water over the coming months as the plant growth will give them protection from birds and other predators and shade from the midday sun.

Many moist loving plants are also 'Perfect for Pollinators' so by growing these in your garden you will be increasing the plants available for airborne pollinating insects.

For more help in choosing the right plants for your moisture retentive area please download our new ebook 'How to plant garden areas that hold moisture'