Divide pond plants now

Divide pond plants now

Divide pond plants or pot on early flowering species like Caltha palustris species after flowering.

  1. Lift and divide a clump of Caltha palustris if it is getting too large.
  2. Or remove the existing mesh basket and replace it with a larger mesh basket and fill around with aquatic compost.
  3. Leave a small basketful of Caltha palustris but cut down the foliage because the leaf often goes grey and tatty after flowering.

In all cases fresh green leaf will grow again and you may get a second crop of flowers later on in the year.

Follow our step by step instructions on repotting a clump of Caltha on our Tips and Advice - Propagating or repotting a pond plant page.

This page also has instructions on how to repot a pond Iris. These are the next group of pond plants to finish flowering and need dividing or potting on in July.

    1. Divide Iris clumps every 3 years.
    2. Pot into larger mesh baskets on in-between years.
    3. Do some of each type of Iris in rotation every year so you keep some undivided Iris ready to flower the following year as division will often stop the plant flowering for a year as it re-establishes.

For repotting tasks have ready a supply of aquatic compost, mesh baskets & Feed balls for Aquatic plants.