Falling tree leaves

Falling tree leaves

Falling tree leaves have a bad effect on the quality of your pond water.

You should put a covering net across your pond before the tree leaves fall in your area to stop them reaching the water.

If the leaves are allowed to fall to the pond base they will decompose and create a layer of sludge similar to well rotted compost on the compost heap that is high in nutrients. These nutrients will be released into the water in Spring as the water warms and have the potential to cause an algae bloom or the onset of blanketweed. The causes of blanketweed and algae are explained in more detail in our Tips and Advice page.

The image on this page was sent in by a customer after he had netted his own pond this year. Thanks to him for this - does anyone else have any Autumn images of their ponds?

If falling tree leaves are floating on the surface of your pond because they have already fallen then you should get a dipping net and skim them off and throw them on the compost heap to decompose. The nutrients can then be added to the veg garden in the future where they will be of value!

This should be part of your 4 point Autumn pond maintenance programme which is described in more detail in Tips and Advice: Maintain and clean the pond.