Rescue some Frogbit plants before Autumn

Rescue some Frogbit plants before Autumn

Native Hydrocharis morsus-ranae - Frogbit - is starting to breakdown now and the dormant buds will drop off the leaves to the base of the pond or container pond.

These buds are 5x10mm or 1/8" x 1/4" and remind me of apple pips. These will easily be lost during the maintenance programme if you dredge away part of the silt from the base of the pond with a net as they could be lost amongst the mud and thrown back on to flower borders as mulch. See another post about removing silt from the base of the pond.

Remove some Frogbit plantlets now while you can still see them and put them in a bucket until after you have finished your Autumn maintenance and then you can safely reintroduce them back to the pond.

In the Nursery we have to put a large sign in the bucket or we find someone helpful always tries to clear up and throw out the empty bucket of water to tidy up!

Keep the back up supply safe by clearly labelling your bucket of water until it can be returned to the safety of the pond.