dragonfly at rest

Diarmuid Gavin, in the Great British Garden Revival BBC programme of 21.1.15  put the case for us as gardeners’ to create more wildlife havens and different habitats for the many different creatures that could visit our gardens.

Many creatures are drawn to our gardens looking for shelter but also for water. The single most important feature in the garden that will bring in wildlife is water.

So follow him and try adding a small pond for amphibians to your garden and if it is ready for Spring the amphibians may use your water for mating or try a container holding water that will, at the very least, allow birds to drink. But you will find that if you add some pollinating plants to your container pond you will encourage air borne wildlife like bees, butterflies and hoverflies to visit in their search for nectar.

The wildlife habitat is completed by a bog garden for protective cover around the pond edge and piles of rocks or logs for the amphibians to overwinter in.