Invasive Non Native Species Week

Invasive Non Native Species Week

Invasive Non Native Species Week is 27th March to 2nd April 2017.

One aim of the campaign is to encourage everyone to Be Plant Wise with invasive aquatic weeds.

The three key messages are:

  • Know what you grow
  • Compost with care
  • Stop the spread

DEFRA is also backing the Check, Clean and Dry campaign for everyone that works or takes part in outdoor activities around water. Check and clean your equipment, dry well before leaving the water area to prevent the transportation of invasive Non Native species to unaffected areas.

On our Tips and Advice page we have images of the plants that are now or will soon be banned in UK as Non Native invasive species please take a look by following this link to make yourselves familiar with them and aware of how to hand them if you have them in your pond.

This year's new additions to the list of invasive plants -

  • Elodea crispa - Water weed
  • Eichornia crassipes - Water Hyacinth
  • Lyschition americanus - Skunk Cabbage

Pay special attention to check if these are in your pond as they have all been readily available for a long time.