On Monday the BBC came to film Joe Swift doing a 2 minute link between ‘water in the outside Show Gardens’ and ‘water as shown in the Floral Pavilion’.  As we are still the only Nursery showing aquatic plants in the Pavilion we were delighted to be featured.

He picked out the 3 Typha plant groups in the exhibit – the Typha lugdunenis (Typha gracilis as it was previously), Typha latifolia Variegata and the miniature Typha minima.

He carefully described that each of these water plants, although being in the same species, likes to have a different depth of water over its crown or basket top and that this can be vital to each plants survival.

Typha latifolia Variegata  likes 6-12″ of water over the basket, Typha lugdunenis (Typha gracilis) likes 0-9″ and Typha minima likes between 2-4″of water over the basket.

A vital message about these Typha’s but also one to be remembered about all water plants!

Planting depth under the water is the key for the success of all pond plants.

Our 2015 exhibit:

It is not often we are seen outside the Nursery in Sharnford these days – in fact the only time this year is at Chelsea Flower Show so we thought we ought to make a record of our appearance.

The people that grow and despatch your plants are from the left: Angela, Oliver, Imogen, Phil and Linda.

Thanks to Ian Pickering Photography from Sharnford who took these photos for us.