Just take care when clearing up all the foliage debris that you do not disturb too much of any habitat area at the same time. Remember that the wildlife will be looking to find places to exit the pond before winter and some may use the baskets of plants as a route out and then they will be looking for places to hide so leave them piles of leaf debris, stones or logs.

When any plants are removed from the pond check that you have not also removed wildlife creatures. Dragonfly larva spend several years under the water surface before emerging as adults and these easily become removed from the water when you are removing plant growth. Late hatchings of newts can also still be in the pond and being only 1/2″ long can be difficult to spot. Make sure you shake the plants over the pond to free the creatures – leaving the plants on the side of the pond is not always sufficient – especially if you have twisted the plants into a ball or tight clump – the twists need to be opened out and shaken.