Long pond gloves for Autumn maintenance

Long pond gloves for Autumn maintenance

To do Autumn pond maintenance successfully you need the correct equipment.

Otherwise - no sooner do you reach over into the water that little bit further than water runs inside a shorter glove and your hands are all wet and the rubber glove feels clammy.

The right equipment for a pond clean is a pair of long pond gloves that reaches to underneath your armpits with an elasticated top. You should have no problem with them filling with water as you work!

You will find they keep your hands dry and warm. They will protect from waterborne diseases too. It's not nice to consider but your pond water may be visited by rats and as gardeners we all have cuts and broken skin on our hands so these gloves protect you. We have 2 sizes of hand available for long pond gloves - 4.5" (small) and 5.5" (medium/large) across the hand at the base of the thumb.

If you feel comfortable you are more likely to work in the pond longer and do a more thorough job of Autumn maintenance - cutting back the plants, clearing fallen tree leaves and removing surplus silt and sludge from the pond base. You will remove all the vegetation that could rot down into the water over Winter and this will prevent a nutrient high in the water that could produce blanketweed in the Springtime.

A better job now, in Autumn, will lead to a clearer pond next Spring.

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