Long Pond gloves for Autumn jobs

Long Pond gloves for Autumn jobs

Long pond gloves are essential for working in the pond in Autumn.

  • Work outside in the cold water without getting your hands either wet or too cold.
  • They come up the length of the arm from the hand so there is no risk of you filling the inside with water as you work!
  • Easy to put on with an elasticated top
  • Protection from any waterborne infections
  • Encourage you to complete the job because you feel more comfortable to continue
  • Clearing out the old plant growth and rotting plant debris from the pond is never a clean job but at least these long pond gloves keep you cleaner than you would be otherwise!

Be ready for Autumn by ordering:

1. Long pond gloves - available in 2 sizes -

Using these pond gloves will allow you to remove any unwanted plant growth from the pond and check carefully for any wildlife hiding in it.

2. Mud Muncher -

  • An environmentally friendly solution that reduces sludge in ponds and filters.
  • It contains a blend of live bacteria that treats the build up of dead growth sitting at the bottom of a pond or filter.
  • Use in Autumn if you only have a small amount of sludge in the pond. It will reduce the volume of rotting of plant material  going on in the pond throughout Winter.
  • If you have a larger layer of sludge you will need to physically remove some before adding the Mud Muncher.

Have these items ready so you can do a better job of your Autumn maintenance.

Cleaning out the pond will help both the creatures to over Winter in the pond and help the pond water to stay clearer in Spring.

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