Long pond gloves larger hand size

Long pond gloves are a real asset for working in the pond in Autumn. We would say they are essential to any maintenance work you do in the pond.

  • They allow you to work outside in the cold water without getting your hands either wet or too cold.
  • They come up the length of the arm from the hand so there is no risk of you filling the inside with water as you work!
  • Easy to put on with an elasticated top
  • They protect you from any waterborne infections
  • Clearing out the old plant growth and rotting plant debris from the pond is never a clean job but at least these long pond gloves keep you cleaner than you would be otherwise!

Long pond gloves are available in 2 sizes –

Using these pond gloves should allow you to remove the mass of unwanted plant growth from the pond and check for any wildlife hiding in it.

Do a thorough job. This will help both the populations of creatures in your pond and allow the water to start next year in better health.