Pond in a Pot

‘Making a pond in a pot’ was published in RHS Weekend in The Garden,  magazine of the Royal Horticulural Society, July 2016 (www.rhs.org.uk) with ourselves listed as the specialist supplier for ponds in pots and suitable pond plants.

We have designed our own fibreglass containers for making a pond in a pot so that there is no drainage hole to seal over and the fibreglass finish does not need painting with a sealant as it is not porous.

These come in 3 different sizes and each size can be ordered in a choice of 15 different colours (14 are polished gloss and 1 finish is a matt, textured stone look that will age like real stone).

We have also developed, and had specially made, a support grid system to use as a shelf so that the baskets our aquatic plants are supplied in fit into the grid and, once located, these will not blow over in the wind.

To plant a pond in a pot you can either choose a selection of plants from the pond plant, waterlily and oxygenating pages or choose one of our prepared plant schemes A-K (some prepared for sun and some for shaded areas).

For more details please read our Tips and Advice pages on ‘How to add a container pond to your garden’ or download our ebook ‘Making a perfect container pond’