More hot weather tips

More hot weather tips

Great tip for the continuing hot weather.

Cut back Iris pond plant foliage to 6" above usual water level once flowered.

  • Tall leaves use up a lot of water so by reducing their height you are reducing the load on the pond's limited water resources.
  • Do not cut back plants that are still in flower as they will still provide nectar and pollen.
  • Leave a 6" stem height on the plant leaf for dragonflies to climb up to leave the pond.
  • The central shoot of the leaf will regrow but the bulk of tall stems will be reduced and so save water loss.

Take this opportunity to split some of your established pond Iris baskets too and remove some of the bulk you no longer need in the water.

  • Don't divide all Iris in same year but spread out across 3 years
  • After flowering divide the big clumps into sections.
  • Throw away the old central area that looks like bare rhizome with few leaves on it.
  • Repot the leafing rhizomes with cut down leaf growth
  • Use mesh baskets and aquatic compost
  • Set the plant back on a shallow pond shelf until rooted
  • Lower rooted basket to its final position in September.

For more details on how to divide a Water Iris please see our Tips and Advice page.

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