Newt eggs in the Forget-me-not

Newt eggs in the Forget-me-not

Newt eggs can now be seen in the Myosotis scorpioides Forget me Not (formerly named Myosotis palustris) this week.

We have been watching this stem of Myosotis (Forget-me-not) leaf as it became folded over and over and then we could see the swelling of the clear jelly that surrounds the eggs of the newt becoming more obvious in each fold of the leaf. There are three eggs in jelly showing in the close up image of the folded leaf below.

The leaf was growing under the water so that is where the female newt lay these eggs.

If you are watching for signs of newt eggs in your pond by looking from outside your pond you will see the folded leaves on the water surface from above as in the last image below.

For more information about the lifecycle of newts and how and where newts like to lay their eggs please see our Tips and Advice page on Newts - in the Wildlife Pond section.