At the Chelsea Flower Show 2012 Linda from Waterside Nursery showed Nicki Chapman how to plant a container pond. We chatted for the BBC TV cameras about the benefits to a small garden of installing a container pond for pond plants and wildlife.

One of the container ponds was planted for a sunny position and another for a more shaded position.

Our Weeping Red 60cm container planted for shade was a real hit!  The Weeping Red container we saw in the interview used our Container Support ring for a 60cm pond to keep the plants at the correct depth of water.

The orange container we planted during the interview had a support ring too and yellow flowering Marsh Marigold – Caltha palustris, spiky Isolepis cernua and the rafting growth of Houttuynia cordata Chameleon. There was a portion of Ceratophyllum demersum oxygenating plant under the water surface.

A recycled tin bath was planted for a sunny position with some Perry’s Baby Red dwarf waterlilies in it along with the necessary British Native oxygenating pond plant below the water surface to keep the water clear and fresh.