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Nigel Colborn Daily Mail 27th February

29 February 2016
Daily Mail 28.2.16

‘Splash out on a pond’ article by Nigel Colborn in Daily Mail:

A water feature looks fabulous and attracts lots of wildlife, too

  • This is the perfect weekend for making a pond
  • Ponds take time to mature and balance themselves
  • Build now and it can stabilise itself throughout spring and summer 

This is an excellent weekend for making a pond. It may be freezing outside and playing with cold water might seem like a horrible idea, but there are sound reasons for taking on such a masochistic task.

Like good wine, a pond needs time to mature and balance itself. This is a slow process and only happens during spring and summer. Build now and stabilisation can begin right away. Your pond will be much improved by autumn and nigh on perfect a year later.