Old Barleystraw minibale out

Old Barleystraw minibale out

Take the old barleystraw minibale out of the pond now.

If you added your new, second barleystraw minibale of the year last month as suggested then it is time the old one was removed.

The new minibale will have activated in this weather and the old one will only start to rot down and go black and smelly if left in any longer.

Barleystraw is an organic method of treating the pond water that inhibits the growth of green algae, prevents pond water turning green and stops stringy blanket weed from forming. It is recommended to float the minibale in an area of the pond where there is the most water flow (tie it near a pump outlet or waterfall) as this will help the barley straw treat the entire pond.

  • If you have forgotten to add the new barleystraw minibale already then do so as soon as possible and remove the old one a month later.

Small ponds or container features:

  • If your water volume is only small continue to add Extract of barleystraw to your water, weekly, during the hot weather of Summer. If you have been treating pond algae with Extract of Barley Straw and its fighting back in this hot weather, increase dosing frequency, not the dose size.  

Remember in all water areas you need to get the balance of plants right too - the barleystraw products need to work together with submerged oxygenating plants and waterlily cover.

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