Newts - both Male and Female return to the pond to mate

All creature activity increases as the weather warms –  last year was warmer in March and activity was earlier too. Until now we have only seen active newts in the warmth of the propagating tunnel – not silly are they! Recently we have seen activity outside and found many fat-hipped females hiding under trays and crates making their way back to water to find a mate. The cold nights and warm days make it hard for them as they are tempted out only to get caught at night by a sharp drop in temperature.

For an introductory wildlife friendly collection for small ponds see our Starter collection for Wildlife which will contain plants like Myosotis scorpioides (formerly Myosotis palustris) for the newts and Lythrum salicaria for the emerging dragonfly larvae and the pollinating insects later in the summer as well as oxygenators for young amphibians to shelter in now.