Did you know Waterside Nursery are on Pinterest?

Our Pinterest boards are full of our images and great images and tips from other pinterest boards we have found that will help you put together a plan for creating and planting a pond for your own garden.

Waterside Nursery Pinterest boards allow us to show, in pictures, all the many ways you can have and enjoy water in your garden and all the added benefits you could bring to so much of the wildlife around you.

We have pinterest boards covering different topics all showcasing water in your garden:

  1. Plants and flowers for a pond
  2. Container ponds for water gardening in small spaces
  3. Pond wildlife in UK ponds
  4. Create your own pond style
  5. Swimming ponds
  6. Plants for Boggy gardens
  7. Water Gardens to visit

Please look, follow us, repin our pins and have fun deciding what sort of water feature you could add to your garden this year.