Planting schemes

Know your garden pond size? Find the matching Planting Scheme and we choose your collection of plants:

Pond size in sq m Pond size in sq ft Go to Pond Scheme
1 - 2 9 - 20 size 1
2 - 3.9 21 - 41 size  2
4 - 6.9 43 - 65 size  3
7 - 14.9 75 - 160 size  4
15 - 25 162 - 236 size  5

Each Planting Scheme or starter pack can be chosen as 'British Native plants only', 'Mainly British Native plants' or 'Any plants from our range'.

Each Pond Planting Scheme contains:

  • oxygenating plants - sent without a basket to drop into the pond water
  • potted rafting shelf plants to cover the water surface horizontally
  • potted emergent water plants to grow upright out of the water
  • Larger Pond Planting Schemes than size 1 also contain Waterlilies.
All rooted plants are in mesh baskets of aquatic compost ready to place straight in the pond making this an ideal starter pack system for the new garden pond customer.
We are still able to support the ‘Mainly British Native' plant or ‘Any' plant options of Scheme (complete with oxygenating plants) even though some of the plants in the Shop are 'Currently Unavailable'.

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    • Wet Mud



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