Pond plants for pollinators

Pond plants for pollinators

This page about Pond Plants for Pollinators on gardenersworld.com was tweeted by them this morning.

  • Pollinators include bees, hoverflies, wasps, moths and butterflies.
  • Many pond plants have single flowers, which are the most attractive to pollinating insects.
  • Pollinators need to drink so will find 2 benefits in the pond on the same visit - water and pollen.

The 5 pond plants highlighted in the Gardeners World Mag article were:

We would add these British Native pond plants to the list for pollinators too:

We have seen pollinators on all these pond plants in the Nursery.

Add other pond plants for pollinators that are not British Native:

Include Non British Native pond plants as they attract pollinators to the pond later in the season:

Be sure to read our page on Pond plants for insect pollinators and watch our video on 'How to attract insect pollinators to your pond' there.