Shelf Pond plants

Plants for ponds for sale ready to be placed on marginal pond shelf - already potted in mesh baskets & aquatic soil for you.

Symbol Shelf depth in cm Shelf depth in inches
<p>Suitable for waterlogged soil (wet mud)</p> wet mud wet mud
<p>Suitable for shelf depth 13-15cm(5-6”) or waterlogged mud </p> 13 -15 5 - 6
<p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”)</p> 15 -22 6 - 9
<p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”) below water surface</p> 23 - 44 10 - 17
<p>Suitable for shelf depth 45cm+ (approx 18”+) below water surface level</p> 45 + 18 +

Marginal shelf plants for ponds:

  • Can be upright (emergent) or horizontal (rafting) across the water surface.
  • Potted aquatic marginal pond plants will quickly add foliage, colour and habitats for wildlife to the edge of the pond area
  • Place 3 x 1 litre baskets per metre length on a marginal pond plant shelf
  • Use more marginal pond plants if the shelf is wide or if a full look is required quickly.

Water depth is vital to marginal shelf pond plants:

  • Place pond plants on the pond shelf at the correct depth for each plant variety
  • The depth required is on the ticket received with each plant type sent by us as depth over the top of the basket.
  • Too deep and marginal plants will not thrive, too shallow and other marginal plants will not receive the ice protection they require.

If you are planting a new pond you also need Oxygenating plants which grow under the water & Water lilies for the water surface. Or you can choose a Pond Planting scheme where we choose the plants for your pond for you.

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  1. IRIS PSEUDACORUS (British Native shelf pond plant or waterlogged bog). Broad green leaves with yellow flowers on the commonly named Flag Iris
    • 13-15cm
    • 15-22cm
    • 23-44cm
    • Moist Soil
    • Wet Mud


    In 11cm basket
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