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Extract of Barley Straw is a concentrated liquid form of Barley Straw

Safe for pets, wildlife and children as is an organic method of pond algae control

Works immediately - ideal for patio container ponds.

Supplied in - 250ml bottle

Treats - Blanketweed and green water

Directions and Dosage: 

For existing algae problem - 125ml per 4500 (1000 gallons) litres of water.

As preventative measure - 20ml per 4500 (1000 gallons) litres of water once a week through spring/summer.

For smaller ponds - Use minimum initial dose of 50ml and minimum weekly dose of 10ml for any pond containing less than 2250 litres (500 gallons). The volume of our container ponds are: 60cm wide = 45 litres (10 gallons) and 80cm wide = 105 litres (23 gallons).

To calculate the volume of your pond - length x width x depth in feet x 6.25 = volume in gallons

Volume of our container ponds - 60cm wide = 45 litres (10 gallons) and 80cm wide = 105 litres (23 gallons) so part of a measure is sufficient for these on every top up occasion.

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