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  1. Sheila Church

    17th March 2021 Very swift delivery of my pond plant pickets and pond planting sock. Priced very reasonably and looking forward to using waterside again for the pond plants when in season.
  2. Lynne Lord

    17th March 2021 This was my second order from Waterside, the first being a pond starter kit and the second some extra marginals. Both deliveries were very well packaged and the plants were healthy looking, all ready to just pop straight in the pond. Excellent service.
  3. Scott Bywater

    17th March 2021 Great plants, great customer service. Thank you.
  4. Andrew Apps

    16th March 2021 I ordered 2 waterlilies planted in containers and both arrived quickly in excellent condition very well packed and with detailed instructions for placing in the pond. They look really healthy and I am looking forward to them growing and flowering. Very pleased with the service and will certainly be ordering from Waterside again.
  5. Carol

    15th March 2021 Ordered a container pond and a waterlily. Both came very quickly and the container looks wonderful. Just waiting for when I can order the rest of the plants for it. Excited
  6. Colin Fellows

    13th March 2021 The plant was well packed and of good price & quality. After sales for advice was almost instant.
  7. Sonia McCabe

    12th March 2021 I ordered a waterlily and it arrived quickly, beautifully and carefully packed. It looks very healthy and I'm hoping it grows and blooms for years.
  8. Jane Stevenson

    12th March 2021 Excellent company. Delivery was prompt, package was excellent without being excessive. Happy to deal with a query about a plant. Will definitely order from them again.

Items 73 to 80 of 4589 total

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