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  1. Stewart Noble

    21st April 2021 We have a major problem with blanket weed in our pond. I was uncertain as to which barley straw product to use and in what quantities. A phone call to Waterside Nursery straightaway clarified the situation. Delivery was good. Now just hoping that the barley straw does its job!
  2. Rod Thomas

    21st April 2021 Ordered planting scheme for new pond and all arrived in good time and well packaged and it looks great. I'm a bit of a novice here and the staff have been very helpful with their advice. Excellent service and I would highly recommend.
  3. Carol Ellison

    21st April 2021 We had an existing pond which never had planting and needed a make over. Waterside were very helpful, offering advice on the types of plants which were suitable. Their web pages also offer great advice. The plants came speedily, were well packaged and clearly labelled. They seem to have adapted very well to their new home.
  4. Elle Davidson

    20th April 2021 We recently dug our first ever wildlife pond and knew nothing about water quality or planting schemes so we were extremely relieved to find Waterside Nursery. They were able to answer all our questions which was reassuring. We ordered one of their suggested planting schemes and it all arrived in good condition with clear instructions for each plant. The plants have been in for about a week now and are already emerging from the water looking healthy. I dont think it will take long for them to look well established. I highly recommend Waterside Nursery and will source future plants from them.
  5. Erica Randall

    19th April 2021 Quality plants, extremely well packaged to arrive in tip top condition. Plus, helpful staff regards plant information and communicating when they to expect my delivery.
  6. Susan Proctor

    19th April 2021 The plant arrived on time and in an excellent condition as it was very well packed. I am looking forward to this new addition to my pond this summer.
  7. Jane

    19th April 2021 Plants and sundries arrived well packaged, in good condition and very quickly. They also accommodated me by letting me change my inital order.
  8. Eleanor Ironside

    18th April 2021 I was making a new container pond in a cattle trough. I found the website had all the information I needed and bought a planting scheme. The nursery has taken all the effort about deciding planting depth and it was easy to install the plants. They arrived beautifully packed. The nursery also phoned me to check on a question I had asked. Excellent and pleasant service. Excellent plants now installed and looking very happy.

Items 89 to 96 of 4684 total

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