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  1. Michael Watson

    6th February 2020 I am constructing a brand new pond, in an estate that has very little greenery to support wildlife. So, I am keen that my garden should do its bit to attract wildlife. After much consideration, I chose to buy my pond plants from Waterside Nursery, and I have not been disappointed. Once the pond was ready to receive plants, I put in an order for all the plants I wanted that were available to order. Things like Hornwork, Spiked Milfoil, Slender Club Rush, Iris, Loosestrife, Flowering Rush, Water Mint and Marsh Marigold. They arrived beautifully packed - the next day. All clearly labelled and in excellent condition. So, they went straight in the pond. I am looking forward to placing another order for the plants that become available in the Spring - Brooklime, Water Crowfoot and Marsh Cinquefoil - will fill the remaining spaces.
  2. Debbie V

    4th February 2020 Really pleased with my order. Arrived promptly and well packaged. Will definately be using this nursery again Thankyou
  3. Dianne Felstein

    4th February 2020 Ordered via telephone and the person I spoke to was friendly and helpful. The plants arrived the next day in excellent condition. They are strong and healthy and are sharing my small pool with some early frogspawn !
  4. Mary Lidgate

    3rd February 2020 Excellent quality plants, great service and prompt delivery - as always. I would not go anywhere else for pond plants. Thank you.
  5. AliB

    3rd February 2020 I would highly recommend Waterside Nursery. Their website is very informative and easy to navigate, customer service is good and delivery prompt. The quality of the plants is also excellent. Keep up the good work!
  6. Sue

    3rd February 2020 Really good service, healthy plants arrived really quickly with clear instructions of how to plant them.
  7. Ed

    3rd February 2020 Ordered a miniature water lilly for an indoor aquatic setup. Arrived almost completely dormant, as expected in mid-winter. The outdoor pond medium cleaned off fairly easily revealing an excellent root structure. Three weeks after being placed in its new indoor medium, it's absolutely thriving. Wonderful healthy plant already covering the water surface with pads. Will definitely shop here again.
  8. Michael Hyde

    3rd February 2020 I would like to echo Paul's review of 9th January 2020 as it completely sums up my experience as well. Well done Waterside.

Items 9 to 16 of 3255 total


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