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  1. Sue Castle

    11th October 2021 I purchased 3 pond plants, they arrived very quickly, were of excellent quality and have started to fill the space allocated to them in my half barrel pond, I am very pleased, this was the third time of using Waterside Nursery for online purchase
  2. Clive meredith

    11th October 2021 The waterlily arrived beautifully packed and in great condition. Looking forward to seeing it flower next year.
  3. Fiona Hannah

    11th October 2021 Prompt delivery. Good quality, well packaged plants.
  4. Hilary Wingfield

    10th October 2021 Really good advice on all aspects of ponds and plants. I like the fact that British native plants are highlighted. Despite being so late in the season a good selection was still available and plants arrived within a couple of days.
  5. Carol

    10th October 2021 Website very informative and useful for choosing the right plants. Ordered and delivered, very well packaged, within two days. Healthy plants now happily thriving in my small pond.
  6. Steve

    10th October 2021 Plants arrived in great condition, well wrapped individually in news paper and moist, now growing happily in my new nature pond.
  7. Jane Hambling

    10th October 2021 Fabulous range of plants considering the time of year and all very healthy. Prompt delivery and they are doing well in my new pond
  8. Louise

    10th October 2021 Great selection of plants, all well wrapped and arrived very safely. Great quality. In less than a week the plants are already thriving and starting to make our wildlife pond look amazing. Really impressed

Items 25 to 32 of 5329 total

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