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  1. Elizabeth

    5th August 2020 Ordered mixture of plants and pond equipment. All plants in great condition. Had been contacted by company to say one plant unavailable. They suggested alternative which I was very happy with. Great personal service.
  2. David

    5th August 2020 All good, from the ordering process through the subsequent email communication to the speedy dispatch. The plants arrived in perfect condition and were excellent specimens. A first class service - I would not hesitate to use Waterside Nursery again.
  3. Vanessa

    4th August 2020 Arrived quickly, well packed in reusable/recyclable packaging, thank you. I am trying to grow a marsh marigold in a boggy pot because the place name of where I live means marigold on the marsh. Hope it works ☺
  4. Dorinda

    4th August 2020 Thank you Waterside Nursery! Very pleased with my order, all plants fir my new pond very wrll packaged, good instructions and excellent healthy plants! All have enhanced the pond already Lovely website, professional service! Wholly recommend!
  5. Katie

    4th August 2020 Ordered the small pond plant kit. The order arrived promptly and all plants were in perfect condition. They have been in our pond for 2 weeks now and are doing well. As pond novices we appreciated the excellent instructions provided. Delighted with the company and would highly recommend.
  6. Lois Bellew

    4th August 2020 the order arrived very quickly and packaged in wet newspaper which I have now added to the compost heap..the plant are healthy and thriving in my pond. Thank you Waterside.
  7. Pablo

    4th August 2020 Excellent service. Highly recommended
  8. Ros Evans

    4th August 2020 The service was excellent - my dwarf waterlily arrived very quickly and was carefully packaged. It is obviously very healthy as within three days it had sent out a third leaf to join the two it arrived with. There were plenty of instructions about the plant's care included too. I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again. Well done Waterside!

Items 33 to 40 of 4171 total


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