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  1. tim,west sussex

    22nd June 2014 Once again the plants arrived on time and in great condition. They are in the pond and thriving. I'm now working out my next purchase and look forward to shopping with you again.
  2. Michael Roffe

    21st June 2014 Really first class service from Waterside Nursery. The water lily I ordered arrived in top condition. It was very well packed and I was surprised at how large a plant was sent without damage through the post. After a few days in my pond, the lily looks in good condition and there are already new leaves on the surface. I am a regular purchaser of plants on line and none has come up to the standard of Waterside. I would buy again from them with confidence.
  3. Kim Griffiths

    18th June 2014 2nd order received in perfect condition and all plants are doing really well. Request for advice on further planting was not only received quickly, despite being rather late in the day, but spot on! The credit card is coming out again!! Thank you again!!
  4. Barry Green

    18th June 2014 Received my order earlier today- exactly as advised by UKMail. I had ordered several bunches of different oxygenating plants. All received in prime condition and in the pond within 20 minutes of receipt. Excellent value.
  5. Rosemary

    18th June 2014 beautiful strong frogbit and water soldier plants arrived today, surely these ones must grow. The ones I have had from other suppliers were tiny and rapidly turned up their toes. Thank you
  6. David

    13th June 2014 I am a novice in developing a native garden pond. I phoned the nursery and their knowledge of the best planting schemes was excellent. I ordered a native starter pack and it was delivered in 3 working days. the plants well established and delivered well packaged. thank you Linda and the nursery.
  7. Victoria

    12th June 2014 delighted! it took my first order some time to arrive-as the plants had been delivered to my old address - entirely my fault! the plants then arrived back at waterside eventually having been in a box for a week and they immediately sent out a fresh batch at no cost to me. very kind! i am a total beginner where ponds are concerned but the plants i bought are thriving. they were well packed, had clear instructions and very easy to put into the pond.
  8. Jim jones

    11th June 2014 Just placed an order--fairly straightforward--I opted to pay by card, but final statement says payment to pay pal I have a PayPal a/c, but did not wish to use it on this occasion---hope I do not pay twice.?..
    Reply We have checked our payments for today and you have only paid once. We use Paypal as our banking facility online so when you have paid on your card it has been cleared through the Paypal banking system. We hope this clears this matter up for you.

Items 4105 to 4112 of 4171 total

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