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  1. Helen York

    7th September 2020 Order arrived promptly and all plants were very healthy and looking great. Would definitely order again and recommend to others.
  2. Brian

    7th September 2020 My third and final order for now as my new wildlife pond is complete and awaiting any new residents. Already spotted a couple of water boatmen and a very large dragonfly checking the place out. Thank you so much for the excellent plants and delivery as everything went well! Hopefully I have done everything well and nature will do the rest. Many thanks again and I will. certainly recommend you!
  3. Tricia Elmer

    7th September 2020 Everyone very helpful when I had to change my order. Plants arrived at the time I specified although the paperwork didn't quite correspond. Plants appear healthy - hope I don't kill them!
  4. frances

    7th September 2020 all the plants supplied were in a very good condition. the watercress has multipied in just a week or so and the marsh marigold has sent up extra leaves. the irises are doing well. i am very pleased with the quick and efficient service and the packaging of the plants. i will be buying more for my pond. i think the advice offered ont he website is excellent and i am sure if i needed the customer service it would be too. its good to buy from people who care and understand. will be spreading the word. i received from a friend the tip to use you and i am so glad of that. its good to get native british plants as my pond is in my wildflower garden and i am trying to attract as much wildlife and bees, etc as poss. :)
  5. Susan papworth

    6th September 2020 When I phoned for help with depth of plants, the lady I spoke to was so helpful and kind. Delivery excellent and rapid The smaller rush of the two that I ordered doesn’t look quite, leaves in small clumps together, but maybe it needs time to sort itself out.
  6. Peter Wedlock

    5th September 2020 Gradually replacing all the plants supplied as they have failed to thrive . The oxygenators arrived as a pile of mush wrapped in newspaper .
  7. Fachtna McAvoy

    4th September 2020 absolutely brilliant service - great advice given before buying plants. These arrived really quickly and in excellent condition. Would highly recommend this company.
  8. Susan Jackson

    4th September 2020 This was my second order and once again it arrived promptly and with the plants in good condition. They have settled into my pond and my newly created damp area and look to be thriving!

Items 41 to 48 of 4327 total


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