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  1. Lesley

    12th March 2014 Excellent and faultless service! I just want summer now to show off my pond and plants at their best!
  2. Greta

    7th March 2014 Excellent service. Plants ordered on Monday arrived, beautifully packed, on Wednesday. Thank you
  3. lee Mcpherson

    3rd March 2014 After some very good advice from Linda, via emails, the order for our new pond arrived very promptly and well packaged. Will definitely order from Waterside Nursery again soon. I would highly recommend this company if you want good quality plants and sound advice.
  4. Nadia

    3rd March 2014 Great choices of plants for all needs. Great communication. Great packaging. I was really pleased by everything. Excellent customer care. Looking forward to some beautiful flowering and plants in my pond this summer. I will use waterside again and would recommend them.
  5. Heather Ulewicz

    1st March 2014 I ordered some plants last Sunday afternoon. I had a text to tell me they were on their way on Monday and they arrived at lunch time on Tuesday. What brilliant service, I shall definitely buy from Waterside again.
  6. Christina Fearon

    21st February 2014 I ordered from Waterside Nursery because their website suggested the owners are very knowledgeable and make available, but only at appropriate times of year, an extremely comprehensive range of aquatic plants. I have not been disappointed. I have ordered twice within the last few days. Both orders were turned round immediately. The plants are dormant - it is February - but they were very well packaged and I have no reason to suppose that they won't mature into very healthy specimens. I appreciate the detailed information on the website regarding the appearance, growth habits and provenance of individual species and care instructions. I shall certainly order from Waterside again.
  7. steven horton stoke on trent

    29th January 2014 just had my last delivery of extra plants from original order and I can say just like the other reviews that from start to finish linda has been of great help in sorting out a design and helpful advice on what type of plants to have, not in any way forcefull just honest advice using her knowledge to help me with a display .I am also a novice and was pleased to listen to all she said including telling me I have probably ordered to many plants for the size of my new pond but I decided I would rather thin them down next year and have an instant display this year. so I would like to say thanks to linda and all at waterside and wholeheartedly recommend this site to anyone who requires anything to do with ponds and plants
  8. U Weyer

    21st January 2014 I chose Waterside Nursery after having seen their excellent advice on their web site. I spoke to Linda about a plant scheme sending her a description and photo of our new pond and bog. She was most helpful and even spent her Sunday sorting out our plants. Plants arrived promptly in great condition and I am now looking forward to see it all come to life! Highly recommended.

Items 5305 to 5312 of 5329 total

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