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  1. Chris Nairn

    26th April 2021 Excellent web site, very informative and helpful, the packaging was carefully done and service prompt and efficient.
  2. claire martin

    26th April 2021 Fabulous plants at great prices with helpful plant information on lavels. Delivered in great condition.
  3. Christine Hartshorn

    26th April 2021 Plant arrived in really good condition, as usual. Thank you.
  4. Gillian M

    26th April 2021 Plants arrived in excellent condition, well packaged and nice and easy to put straight into the pond. Definitely recommend and will use again.
  5. Tarika

    26th April 2021 Arrived promptly and in good condition. Like this company. They were friendly and helpful when I phoned them and emailed me when the item I wanted was in stock.
  6. Gillian Herring

    25th April 2021 Plants arrived in excellent condition. Really thriving beautiful plants. Already look great in the pond.
  7. Susan

    25th April 2021 I agree with everyone’s comments. First time I’ve used Waterside but everything came on time, well packed and lovely to be able to put them straight into the pond. Looking forward to seeing my pond develop.
  8. Mrs Isobel Jagger

    25th April 2021 Plants arrived still moist-well-packaged and in good condition. Clear insructions useful too, thank you

Items 57 to 64 of 4684 total

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