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  1. Karen Smith

    25th April 2021 The plants were in excellent condition as usual and went straight into the pond, where they are now putting out new shoots nicely.
  2. Rose

    25th April 2021 Excellent plants, timely delivery. Very happy with Waterside Nursery. Would not consider going anywhere else. Many thanks.
  3. Gina Helsby

    25th April 2021 Fantastic service as always! Definitely recommend!!
  4. Lynda Latham

    25th April 2021 Excellent quality products.
  5. Alind Srivastava

    25th April 2021 I have had multiple orders from Waterside Nursery for my pond. Excellent products, well priced and delivered as promised. Definitely recommended. My go to store for pond products.
  6. Thelma Rolfe

    25th April 2021 Plants in excellent condition. Well packed and labelled. Excellent help on phone. Thank you.
  7. Judith Lane

    25th April 2021 Lovely choice of plants. Mine arrived really quickly and in good condition. It was an added bonus to be able to put them straight into the pond without having to plant them first.
  8. David

    25th April 2021 Plants in good condition and well wrapped for delivery.

Items 65 to 72 of 4684 total

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