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British native plants

British Native Plants for sale

British Native pond plants are found for every area of a pond or its surrounds. <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p>,<p>Suitable for shelf depth 13-15cm(5-6”) or waterlogged mud </p>,<p>Suitable for shelf depth 14-22cm (approx 6-9”)</p> ,<p>Suitable for shelf depth 23-44cm (approx 10-17”)</p> or <p>Suitable for shelf depth 45cm+ (approx 18”+)</p> Hover over/touch the symbol to see each plants requirements.

We group all our British Native UK pond plants, muddy bog plants and moist plants here to make browsing simpler.

These British Native plants are all grown in this country at our nursery in Leicestershire and are all identified by the Union Jack Flag in the corner of the image.

Our range includes plants for the deep areas of the pond such as British Native submerged oxygenating pond plants, the only British Native waterlily (Nymphaea alba) and various species of free floating surface cover pond plants. It also includes British native pond plants for the shelf areas of the pond and plants for the muddy or moist emergence zones. These create wildlife habitats to encourage the creatures to visit your pond. Many of the Native plants will naturalise well and give good cover for the wide variety of amphibian wildlife in the pond area, while others are important for pollinating insects. Pollinators are all identified by the bee shaped icon on the More Information page.

All plants are sent out already rooted and established in their baskets (if required) to speed the transfer to your pond.

To help you create a balanced wildlfe habitat we have also included our British Native Pond Collections. Pond Collections 1, 2 & 3 are for three different sizes of pond - for 24 sq feet, 72 sq feet and 225 sq feet of surface area. We have also prepared 1m2 combinations for muddy bog areas and for moist areas in Native only plants. These can both be purchased in multiples if you are trying to establish an area of ground larger than 1m2. You can choose your own plant selections or take advantage of thsee one-click planting schemes.

By not specifying the plants in each planting scheme it allows us to choose the best plants to send at various times of year but we will always maintain a balance of plant types that will give interest throughout the season and use a variety of areas within the pond. If you have specific requirements (sun/shade, deeper than normal shelves, a clay pond where extra baskets can be replaced by more plants or you already have some pond plants) then tell us in General comments in the checkout process and we will take your comments on board when preparing your scheme.

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