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Container Ponds for 'Ponds-in-pots' mini pond water garden features

Our range of fibreglass planters in 15 colour finishes create container pond water features available in 3 sizes.

We can also supply all the accessories and the planting schemes you need to finish your container mini pond and dress it with plants.

Our portable, fiberglass container ponds make small 'ponds in pots' or mini ponds, which are attractive planted water features for a patio or can brighten up a difficult corner. These are available in a choice of 12 or more different finishes, from the classic Granite and Marble effects to the more striking and vibrant Weeping colourways. There is a finish to suit every garden design. We aim to have most combinations of colour and finish in stock ready to deliver but some may need to be made specially for you and can take 4 weeks to deliver.

The plant support ring is the grid used to keep the pond plants in the correct depth of water, acting as the pond shelf in the container. There is one specific to each of the 60cm and 80cm size container pond. We suggest the 98cm container pond is dressed in waterlilies and oxygenating plants only so does not have a plant support ring.

The plants can be purchased as prepared planting schemes to make the selection of a well balanced scheme easier for you. There are ten schemes to chose from, five for the 60cm pond and five for the 80cm pond. There are schemes suitable for both sunny and shaded conditions. The sunny schemes contain miniature waterlilies and Iris, while those for a shaded position are more foliage based.

You can also choose your own plant selection via the pond plant and waterlily pages. Always remember to add an oxygenating pond plant to keep the water fresh even though it will be submerged and out of view.

As the container ponds have only a small volume of water, we recommend Extract of Barleystraw liquid to inhibit greenwater and algae growth - 1 x 10ml measure added fortnightly in Spring and Autumn and weekly in the warmer Summer months.

To read about planting a container pond-in-a-pot for the patio: see our Tips and Advice pages.

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