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Moist loving plants for damp areas around the pond

Is your 'bog garden' moist or permanently wet? There is a difference in the amount of moisture that varieties of plants for a 'bog garden' will accept. See our ebook link above.

Moist loving plants marked <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p> will not tolerate the crown of the plant being wet or with standing water around the plants' roots in Winter.

Wet Bog plants are marked <p>Suitable for shelf depth 13-15cm(5-6”) or waterlogged mud </p> and are happy in waterlogged soil or wet mud. These are really pond plants capable of having their crown at frost level and their roots in permanently wet mud and can be found in the Pond plant category.

Some species in each category will enjoy sun while others will be happy in shade. These plants are already rooted in the pot size specified and able to be planted immediately into your moist/damp garden area.

For more choice in selecting the correct plants for your conditions use the Advanced Search option.

You may want to prepare an area especially for moist plants around your pond. For more information, take a look at Build a Damp Area on our Tips and advice page. This will allow you to create a wildlife haven for the shelter and protection of creatures as they return to or leave the pond. It can also give you a colourful flowering or foliage backdrop to the water area.

If you have design ideas that involve the damp stream edge of a natural water course, you will need to check how much of the area floods regularily in Winter. If it floods in Winter, it is classed as wet bog. The area above the flood line which is still damp but not waterlogged is classed as moist. This should enable you to plant with the 'right plant in the right place'.

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