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Approx 9 moist loving plants to start a moist area of approx 1m squared. For a larger area please order multiples of this 1m square scheme and larger growing moist plant varieties will be included. For a waterlogged area see the Muddy Bog Collection.

All plant choices depend on seasonal availability. The Native moist plants will be chosen from: Caltha palustris, Eriophorum angustifolium, Eupatorium cannabinium, Filipendula ulmaria, Geum rivale, Lychnis flos-cuculi, Primula veris, Succisa pratensis, Veronica beccabunga and others. 

All plant choices depend on seasonal availability. The moist plants will be chosen from: Aruncus diocius, Eupatorium varieties, Hesperantha coccinea Pink, Iris sibirica varieties, Iris ensata varieties, candelabra Primula varieties, Ligularia varieties, Trollius varieties and others including British Native plants.  

Young newts, frogs, toads as well as airbourne dragonflies, bees, hoverflies and butterflies will all find this moist area attractive.  

The plants will come wrapped individually and there will be a selection of heights and flowering periods involved. Some will be ideal for the front of a border and others for the back so that a varying habitat can be created. The smallest pots will contain the smallest growing plants.

Refer to individual plants for maintenance details in this collection of moist plants. All plants are selected to give some interest in each area of the moist garden throught the seasons.

Read about how to create a moist area on our Tips and Advice pages.

<p>British Native plants</p> <p>Plants for Pollinators</p> <p>Sunny position</p> <p>Partially shaded position</p> <p>Shaded position</p> <p>Suitable for moist soil (damp but drained)</p>

Important delivery information

Plant orders are dispatched to UK destinations only and leave the Nursery on a Monday - Thursday inclusive to avoid the weekend. Your order will be picked in the Nursery and the ready potted plant in its basket or bareroot oxygenator (as specified in the description) will be wrapped that day in damp newspaper and a plastic bag to keep it fresh during transit. Plants will normally be dispatched within a week of our receipt of your order.

All items are then boxed for collection by the courier APC Parcelrite or UKMail that afternoon for expected delivery within 24 hours after despatch (Highlands and Islands excepted)

Please unwrap all plants from their packaging as soon as possible and place in the situations specified on the plant ticket.

Order ValueDelivery Cost
£1.00 - £29.99 £6.00
£30.00 - £99.99 £12.00
£100.00 - £199.99 £24.00
£200+ £36.00

An additional surcharge will be added 
at checkout if your delivery address
is North of Perth (+£10) or an Island 
(+£10 = PO & TR)
(+£25 = Scottish Islands, IM & BT) or 
(+£50 = JE & GY).

Reviews from other Waterside customers

5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

J Wood

July 2017

Plants arrived in suitable packaging and looking fresh and healthy.

5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars


September 2015

Delighted with purchase, e cel lent packing and prompt delivery.

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