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Pond products

Pond products and accessories

Pond products that help with the upkeep and management of a healthy and successful pond.

The Barley straw products are a natural organic method that work as an inhibitor to the growth of algae.

We recommend Extract of Barleystraw liquid in a small pond or container pond where a minibale would be too big. Use the combined aquatic feed supplement (Plant Food Plus) with Extract of Barleystraw to add a liquid fertiliser to plants looking yellow or slowing in growth or flower. Alternatively feed tabs can be pushed directly into the compost near the roots of the struggling plant.

For a wildlife garden pond with a larger water volume, the larger mini bales of Barleystraw may be a more economic option to help keep the water free from green algae growth.

When it comes to maintenance in the pond, the long pond gloves are invaluable, either to help you remove dead and dying foliage before it rots down or when dividing established pond plants. If you are potting up  your pond plants, we supply mesh baskets of various sizes that can be used with an aquatic compost, which is available from most garden centres and is a mixture of clay and loam.

The floating pond baskets cater for ponds that have been built with no shelf to stand marginal pond plants on. The pond sock allows planting into one sausage shaped feature rather then having a lot of smaller baskets on the pond shelf and the overgrowing mat can help clad a side of the pond without a shelf by planting into the pockets.

The waterproof sealant adhesive is invaluable for small emergencies! It can mend small holes, adhere a patch onto a larger split or seal a gap where water escapes, perhaps around a waterfall or pump pipework.

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